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Coral Trace is a Homeowners Association (HOA) in beautiful Delray Beach FL - the most fun small city in the USA!  Coral Trace HOA Residents: Please email newsletter@coraltracehoa.com to add or update your email address for our community email and newsletter lists.


Message from our HOA President

by Tim Davidson

Link to March newsletter


Hello Coral Trace,


  A letter from the president for March 2019.


We have made some improvements to the community in the first three months since the new board took over in November:


 The northwest canal gate on the north side of the property has been replaced.


 The fence on the west side preserve has been mended from the damage of last year's hurricane winds.


 The western preserve has been cleared from the fence and cut back from the yards by three feet.


 We have cleaned out the maintenance closet and shed from all the accumulated clutter over eighteen years as well as building a new shelf to store things in the shed.


 The eastern and southern concrete walls have been pressure cleaned and will be painted next week since we haven't had it painted since the inception of the community.


 The office was a disaster! No order, no filing system in place, and incomplete files for each unit. The office was cleaned out, files archived at Seacrest, and a new filing system put in place so we can get to the matter of taking care of our unit owners in a timely manner.


 We have replaced two irrigation pumps and put electrical surge protection on each. The surge protection will save us thousands down the road and only cost a few hundred dollars.


 We have put new electrical in the pool pump room and a new pool light timer.


 The gym will be complete again next month with a new treadmill. The ten- year-old treadmill finally gave out.


  Landscaping is always a work in progress, right? We are having sea pods trimmed this week, and as I said before the western preserve is done for this year. The irrigation electrical system is complete and up and running beautifully. We are having soil samples tested in the community so we can determine if we have a ph level problem or what we can do to get the grass in better shape than we have seen in the past. Weed and Feed is scheduled the end of February for the second time since November. Landscaping beds have been sprayed for weeds. They are spraying turf pesticides again in March. We have removed trees and replaced five sidewalks that were trip hazards. There were flowers placed in front of our CT sign a few months ago and they really make the entrance pop.


 We have a new violations committee for Coral Trace and plan to enforce it this year. We have talked about it in the past to no avail. I have been on the board several times in the past and this necessary committee is finally taking shape. We have been putting stickers on vehicles that park in the street, at the clubhouse for days in a row, or in front of hydrants. The violators will be towed at the owner's expense.


We have had trouble with teens from the high school trespassing and we advise that you call the non-emergency number for the police at (561) 243-7800 (emergency 911). Please do not confront them yourself. You never know these days what kids will do.


We have had the police in Coral Trace several times in the past few months. We have people sleeping in cars that don't belong here, the kids from the high school trespassing, and people in the pool area that are not residents sleeping on our lounge chairs. If you see this again please call the police at (561) 243-7800 (emergency 911). The police have been in the community ticketing people that don't stop at stop signs and are speeding. Please be careful of our children and animals while driving in the community.


 All in all the community looks good and we are working to make it even better. The work orders are being addressed in a timely manner.


If you have received a letter concerning your roof, driveway and/or fence please adhere to the rules and regulations. Thanks for your time. 


       Coral Trace President,                                                                                     

                 Tim Davidson


Please mark your calendar to attend the next monthly board meeting on March 18, 2019

@ 7:00 pm in the clubhouse.


We hope to see YOU there!

Your Coral Trace HOA Board of Directors 



We'll sponsor our spring COMMUNITY YARD SALE on Saturday, March 16, 2019 from 7 am to noon. The Board will place an ad in the paper and put a sign at the front gate and have the gate opened that day. You are responsible for your own selling activity in your driveway or garage or yard during this time.


People are seeing possibly dangerous wildlife living in Coral Trace, including raccoons and someone spotted a fox around one of the ponds. Please be alert when outside, at all times of the day. These animals could have rabies, don't feed them.  It appears that Palm Beach County no longer sends out animal control personnel to trap and remove the animals.  There is a commercial  service available at Wildlife Removal Palm Beach at 561-899-0073, www.palmbeachwildlife.com.   

Read the County advice on our website here.




Each year by City ordinance, all residents must pay a $30 alarm fee to the City of Delray Beach for police monitoring of our alarms.  It is due on or before May 1st.  If you are a renter and receive this from the city, please forward it to the owner of the property.  They do charge late fees. 


Send your check and renewal form to:

City of Delray Beach

Community Improvement/Alarm Unit

100 N.W. 1st Ave.

Delray Beach FL 33444


You can also complete the form and renew online with a credit card at:



This is on p. 62 of our Rules and Regulations Handbook. 

A hardcopy form can be printed out from our website here.


If you have any questions call 561-243-7203 ext. 7599, Mon-Fri between 8:30am-5pm.




Your reference guide for Coral Trace questions, service and emergencies.

Please select from the following specific resources according to your needs.


1.   General questions, work orders for association services or reporting community violations


      Please use the Seacrest Services Work Order Request Form process at:


          *Do not report these directly to the Property Manager’s office as his work is

          assigned and prioritized through the Seacrest system rather than verbal requests.

          This process will provide you with more efficient and timely responses,

          usually in 24-48 hours.

          Seacrest Offices 24-hour tel.: (561) 697-4990; Toll free (888) 828-6464


2.   Requesting fobs, transponders and recreation keys

      Download and complete the Sales Receipt Form at:


          and leave at the Property Manager’s office in the Suggestion/Drop box.


          *You will be contacted once the setup arrangements are completed and ready to pick up.


            Property Manager, James McKendry, Seacrest Services

            Office Hours: 1:30 pm—4:30   pm on Mon., Tues, Thurs., and Friday

                                     9:00 am—12:00 pm on Wednesday

            *May vary if manager is out on property or other community business.

            Office Phone: (561) 330-8039


3.    Sales or Lease Application

       Download and complete the form at:


           Buyers and owners can mail or deliver the completed application to:

           Seacrest Services, Inc.

           2101 Centrepark W. Drive, Suite 110

           West Palm Beach, FL 33409


           Seacrest will process the application and send it to the Property Manager,

           who will then contact the applicant to schedule an in-person interview on site

           to finalize the arrangements.


4.     Emergency contact categories

            Police- Criminal/Suspicious activities

                  Emergencies           Dial 911

                  Non-emergencies  (561) 243-7800


             Fire, Medical and Rescue services

                  Emergencies           Dial 911

                  Non-emergencies  (561) 243-7400


               Water- City of Delray Beach-supplied

                 Low pressure, water quality, leaking water meter

                 Emergencies             (561) 243-7318 (After hours - Must leave a message)

                 Non-emergencies    (561) 243-7312


Important Community Rules

1. Pets - both dogs and cats - must be leashed outside, and cleaned up after.

2. Garbage and Trash pickup is on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

The crew will not pick up bags on curb - garbage must be in pails. Also note that plastic containers/bottles must be in correct bin, and paper/cardboard placed in correct bin - crew will not separate these items & they will be left on curb.  If your pails/bins are damaged, call (561-202-2463) for delivery of new ones.

The vegetation (tree branches etc.) is only picked up on Tuesdays. Recycles are on Friday.

3. Hurricane Shutters: If you have someone watching your house and they put your shutters up, please have them taken down according to our Rules and Regulations.


4. Architectural and Landscaping Changes (implemented by residents or their contractors)


Please remember that any landscaping or other physical updates and changes require you to:

1. Complete the Architectural Alterations application using the following link:



2. Receive board approval prior to contracting for or beginning any work.

Landscaping Schedule: March 2019


  Mowing -  Mar 11 & 25


  Trim -  Mar 18, 19, 20, 21

  IPM - Mar 14


  Fertilizer - Mar 1

Deep Root Fertilize Palms - n/a

Palms and WF Ficus Hedges - n/a

Liquid Herbicide Treatment  - n/a

Wet Check - n/a

From the Coral Trace COP (Citizens Observer Patrol) - John Mitchell


Our (Citizens on Patrol) COPs are again providing security patrols in our Delray Beach patrol cars, and there are openings for those who want to help the community. We need more community involvement… interested residents are invited to join. We have made a meaningful impact in lowering the crime rate in our community with this effort, and will do better with even more coverage.

There are a few things that our residents can do to help:

1.  KEEP YOUR OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT. That will help our COPs who patrol after dark see your home’s front and side better, and deter criminals.

2.  LOCK YOUR CARS and KEEP GARAGE DOORS CLOSED and LOCKED. This way your belongings will not walk away.

3. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREETS. Many residents park on the streets, especially at night which is against our community's rules. Doing this impedes the emergency vehicles that respond to calls for help. Every unit has room for 3 cars — a garage and a 2 car driveway. Use these spaces, not the streets. Request that your service personnel (maid, pest control, etc.) use your driveway or guest spots.

4.  DO NOT use GUEST parking spaces yourself.

5. OBEY the STOP SIGNS! There are near misses occurring frequently because of vehicles not stopping.

6. Do not obstruct the sidewalks with anything, especially your vehicles. The police will ticket cars that block the sidewalk.

7. Be advised that the Delray Beach Police Department are issuing tickets for these traffic infractions.


 This page last updated 3-6-19.












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