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Home Hints - the collective wisdom of Coral Trace residents about living in our homes.

One of our residents, Peter, has sent us some detailed instructions on how he inexpensively spruced-up his standalone mailbox.

Secure the box: Tighten the screws underneath the box, if there is one missing, replace it with 1/2" wood screw.

Clean the box and pole: To remove the oxidation mix 1 cup Parsons Ammonia  (Soapy Lemon Ammonia) to 1 gallon water. Using a rag like an old hand towel, wash and rub off all the red oxide.

Repeat if needed, and rinse off with a garden hose. 

Straighten the post: Wet the area with a garden hose until sopping. With both hands grab the post from below the boxes and rock back and forth until it is straight. Stomp the  soil firmly around the post to settle the dirt. (May need to be done more than once).

Repaint the flag:  After it is completely dry, using painters masking tape and newspaper,  protect everything from overspray. Lightly spray the flags with Valspar for Plastic Red. After paint has dried remove tape and newspaper.

Seal the box and pole: Lightly spray 2 coats of Krylon UV-Resisant Clear Acrylic Spray Coating in Matte Finish.













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