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Home Hints - the collective wisdom of Coral Trace residents about living in our homes.
Homeowners are responsible for replacing (and cost of) broken mailboxes, for any reason.  Contact The Mail Box Company at (954) 792-6245 to come out and fix yours. 
Click here for instructions for a "do-it-yourself" Mailbox spruce-up (a lot less expensive than a new box).
Where can I purchase interior doors?  Home Depot and Lowe's don't seem to carry them.  

Thanks to Debbie Eskan for this reply: The company who installed the doors is Jambco Millwork, 101 S. State Rd. 7, Margate, FL 33068   Phone: (954) 977-4998

Original Sinks and Faucets - posted 2007

Can someone please tell us what material the original kitchen sink and faucet are that the builder installed. It looks like stainless steel but we are wondering if it might be chrome? We are thinking of buying a new sink since our original faucet corroded and fell apart so we may get a sink as well. Does anyone have experience with porcelain sinks as compared to stainless steel or chrome?

I checked my original papers when we bought from Spear and it's listed as stainless steel. Ours is made by the Moen company and they listed the faucet as chrome plated brass. If yours is a Moen you can look up their web site and under products they show it with pictures. If you find yours then you can find out all you need to know about faucets. - Bob

Moen provides a lifetime guarantee (warranty) on their items. I have already replaced a couple of my faucets. I obtained the parts numbers from Service America and then made the phone calls. The web site may have detailed information. The number I called is 1-800-289-6636. Between Service America and Moen, and a little of my work, none of my faucets leak, and I have a few extra parts. Mine was not the kitchen sink.

Jacuzzi Care advice from Whirlpool - thanks to Debbie Eskan for this hint.  1/11/06

The main source of bacterial growth in whirlpool tubs is the residue which accumulates in the piping. These substances include soap film, body secretions, skin, hair, bath oils, and dirt. When these organic substances combine with minerals in the water, they congeal, forming a jelly-like matter, which coats the linings of the water piping and other components of the whirlpool system. The warm, dark environment where this coating accumulates is an ideal location for the growth of infectious micro-organisms. (Hardly a desirable concoction through which to circulate your bath water.)

To eliminate this bacterial culture from your tub, it is recommended that the system be cleaned regularly. Be aware, however, that normal household disinfectants and cleaners such as bleach, detergents, vinegar, or baking soda are not completely effective in removing whirlpool contaminants. Instead, whirlpool manufacturers recommend operating the system for approximately 15 minutes with hot water and a solution of common dishwasher detergent. This has been found to be effective in dislodging contaminants. After draining, the system should be rinsed by operating the system with clear cool water.

Flood Zones for Insurance: we are NOT in one! -- thanks to Armida Granger-Monroe for this post. 11/20/05

I have factual info to help my fellow neighbors who might not be aware of it: I do not have to pay for Flood Insurance. I had the Flood Zone Correction do research and found out that ours is not a flood zone. They charged me one year's flood insurance premium and got me back the previous year and saved me from paying the current year. Their link is:  Flood Zone Correction, Inc.

I am a bit late on info on FEMA's reimbursement for the purchase of a generator, but for next time, they do reimburse families up to $1656 per family on the purchase of generators and other times related to hurricane recovery.

Q:  Roof Tiles -- where do we get replacement tiles? -- thanks again to Peter Steiner and to Armida Granger-Moore for sharing their research.

From Dave Rosenbleeth: Your color roof tiles are in the original Options and Color documents from Hedy (Aurora homes).

Dec. 1st update from Peter Steiner: MonierLifeTile is now selling the Vanguard Roll roof tile directly to the public on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9 am to 3 pm at their Pompano Beach Plant. The Field tile is available in a champagne color for $3 each, and Ridge tile is still available in Hopi for $4 each. The color Seashore is no longer available. First come first served, credit cards only, no cash or checks.

Directions: I-95 south to Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach. West on Atlantic Boulevard to NW 16th Avenue, turn right. North to Hammondville Road/Martin Luther King Boulevard, turn right. Immediately past the RR tracks turn left at the TARMAC Concrete sign, 1685 Hammondville Road. First driveway on the left, sign-in with the security guard to be placed on the list to see a sales representative.

From: Allen Spriggs [mailto:ASpriggs@monierlifetile.com]
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 11:01 AM
To: Armida Granger-Monroe (who inquired further)
Subject: RE: Coral Trace Community of Delray Beach, Fl

You can purchase tile from one of our distributors at MRT (561) 881-8836 or Bradco (954) 776-0718 or from us come December 1 (561) 338-8200. I would suggest to take a piece of tile with so you can pick up the correct tile. Allen.

  http://www.monierlifetile.com/products/products_detail.cfm?regionid=7&producttype=standard&profileid=38 The roof tiles used by our builder were manufactured by Monier Life Tile at their Pompano Beach Plant, the style is a medium profile tile from their Florida Collection called Vanguard Roll. Disappointingly, the colors Hopi (multi colored) and Seashore (terracotta) are no longer produced. However, since the Vanguard Roll roof tiles are actually a painted concrete tile, any tile from this Vanguard Roll collection could be painted to achieve a close match. I will experiment with colors from my favorite paint store, Porter Paints, and post the results on this website. I have located some square tiles from Bradco Building Supply in Riviera Beach, but they had no trim (ridge) tiles. It is my understanding that in December or January, The Pompano Beach plant of Monier Life Tile will accept orders from the general public.

Pest Control Check -- thanks to Peter Steiner for this post.   6/13/05

Q: Does anyone else have what I call 'flying ants' around some of their windows?

A: Dry wood termites (they differ from subterranean termites) and certain species of ants "swarm" when looking for a new place to establish a colony. Termites differ from ants in that they only have a head and a body (2 parts) where as ants have a head, thorax, and body (3 parts). Both can be destructive as well as a nuisance.

A Google search will provide you with several informative websites. Also, Palm Beach County has a free insect identification program with an office on Federal Highway in Boynton Beach, if you have trouble distinguishing.

Though you didn't ask for my neighborly advice,  I would kindly suggest a complete home pest control program,  treating the exterior and interior of your home.
Size of Air Conditioning Filters (for the Angel Wing model): the size is 19"x23"x1".  For another (which?) of the models, it may be 15"x20"x1".
Turning off your Water Pipes when away - Thanks to Christel Silver for sharing this one!  3/3/05


Accompanying Home Inspectors in Coral Trace at my listings, I learned that Spears used the new version of Poly Pipes. My inspector notes in the report: Important note: the home is plumbed with the new updated version of Poly pipe, a class action lawsuit has been levied against the manufacturer regarding the original product due to leakage and ruptures. No current information is YET available regarding this new updated system.

I personally have had a pipe break, and we can all expect this to happen!  My house was flooded in minutes and kitchen, garage, and hallway which were covered with 1 inch of water, even though we were home.  The water was running underneath the living room tiles into the patio, and through the garage to the street.

Our break happened in the wall behind the water heater. The elbow from the main water pipe going into the hot water heater simply snapped off.

The repair was not expensive, but we were home and were able to dry off the floor. I had a the dehumidifier running for three days collecting water from the walls, etc. This is another important task after any water leak to prevent mold! The hole in the drywall behind the hot water heater is our ONLY damage.

If you have a water break, please let me know my home inspector and I are collecting information for a possible class action suit against the manufacturer of the new pipes.

Cabinet Doors at Coral Trace - Thanks to Karl Chakford for sharing this useful information!  1/26/05

My cabinet doors have started to delaminate, and another owner's have formed a bubble on the faces of the doors. Our cabinets are warranted for 5 years, so this is covered by the company. Contact: Moralmar Cabinet, 3130 W. 15 Ave. Hialeah, FL (305) 556-1520 x102. Their rep for Palm Beach County is named Mercy.

Microwave Fires - See the full story at http://www.abcactionnews.com/stories/2004/07/040709microwaves.shtml.
The GE Spacemaker model numbers in question are: JVM1330, JVM1331, JVM1339, JVM1340, JVM1341, and JVM1650.         
If you've had problems or questions about a GE Spacemaker microwave, you should contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  To file a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, call 1-800-638-2772 or visit their Web site: www.cpsc.gov/incident.html.
Mole Problems                     posted 1/05
  • I had a mole problem in Massachusetts when I lived there. I was told they eat grubs in the ground, and by killing the grubs, the moles will go away.  I tried this and it worked for me.  I bought a product called "Grub Control" at Home Depot and applied it to the ground as instructed. - Marcy 
  • I also found a product called "Shake Away" that is supposed to make them leave the territories by using the odor of their natural enemies. - Dave  http://www.critter-repellent.com/mole/how-to-get-rid-of-moles-in-yard.php
Minimize Hurricane Damage to Trees:  Watering trees that were uprooted or "tilted" during a hurricane will greatly improve their chances of survival. Since most likely a special assessment will be levied to cover the cost of tree damage in the community, it is of everybody's best interest that every homeowner and resident attempt to water their trees. A garden hose "on low" for an hour a day will be beneficial to all.  - Peter Steiner    9/04
To Reset Power Outlet on Master Bedroom Sink Area:  Use the ground fault outlet in the other bathrooms, mine is an Angel Wing and mine resets in the front bathroom - Marc & Sue Vernam   7/04
Side panel of master bathroom (triangular) tub falling off: We corrected the problem by removing the crappy velcro the builder installed, cleaning the plexiglass with Windex, and using "industrial" velcro as it has much better "holding power". You can get it at at Depot or Lowes. - Len Kruger  5/04
Low water pressure in Shower: Low pressure is most likely the result of the water restricter behind each shower head ...FL law mandates installation of them in all new construction to help save water. Removing them made a world of difference. I have since installed a water filter at the wall pipe, which by its nature accomplishes saving water. A bonus is that the shower is much cleaner as the white minerals in our water do not come thru. - Len Kruger   4/04
Leaking Faucets/Showers: I have replaced the cartridges 3 times in my house and I was a former building superintendent. The reason being there is a trick to it and the Moen rep will probably repeat this. Do NOT skip the vinegar step. It seems to work just as the Moen rep said it would. - Len Kruger    4/04
  • First, you must shut off the house water spigot in the front.
  • Next, use the special tool they send with each replacement & remove.
  • Next, turn the main back on for about 10 or 15 seconds to blow-out the line into your home.
  • Next, turn off the main - in hindsight, do all the leaking faucets/showers at once.
  • Next, fill the cartridge receptacle with white vinegar. Don't worry, it's going to spill but it washes away easily.
  • Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Next, turn back on the main for 5 to 10 seconds to rinse out the vinegar.
  • Now you are ready to re-insert the new cartridge and put everything back together.
  • You will need a pair of needlenose pliers, a Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench (helps a lot), white vinegar and paper towels for some cleanup. Total time should be 20-30 minutes.
  • Here is the information you will need to contact Moen, the maker of our faucets & showers.
    Moen- 1-800-BUYMOEN (800) 289-6636
    bathroom faucets should be #1225
    bathroom showers should be #1222B
Coral Trace Boulevard Maintenance by the City: Please write or call Mr. Joe Weldon at the Parks and Recreation Department re: dead bush replacement in the island of the boulevard, the lawn overwrought with weeds, the repair of the concrete at the turnaround, vines, etc. 100 NW 1st Avenue Delray Beach 33445, 243-7251, or weldon@c... "The squeaky wheel gets oiled" - Peter Steiner, 2/04
Report Street Light Outages: on the web (www.FPL.com).  Get pole # from the pole.
  • You will need your FPL account number to access "report outages" on the website. I found it helpful if several homeowners report a problem in order to get lights replaced. - Peter Steiner, 2/04
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