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  Recommendations for Vendor Services, Restaurants, etc. suggested by our Residents - note that these recommendations are not vetted (tried out, verified, authorized, warranted or guaranteed) by the Coral Trace HOA or Board members).  Coral Trace residents are invited to send your suggestions to webmaster@coraltracehoa.com to post, providing your name, address, and phone number.

Table of Contents: Alterations/Sewing, Attorneys, Babysitting, Computer Services, Electrical Contractor, Florist, Furniture/Mattresses, Handyman/Home Renovations, House Painting, Hurricane Shutters, Insurance, Interior Design, Massage/Yoga, Power Washing, Realtors, Restaurants

Note - Coral Trace owners/residents are listed first; and our newsletter advertisers are given preference

  • I can heartily recommend the services of our own Ruth Malave of CT Court! Ruth has a business in Boca Raton but since she's a resident she will meet you here and bring your alterations to work and back for you. In her business she also does complicated work like custom draperies but I can tell you she also does a great job on hemming pants, skirts, etc. Ruth can be reached at Franklin Interiors, Inc. at 561-750-8560.
  • Ginny L. Goldman, ESQ - Coral Trace Court
    • Ginny L. Goldman, P.A.
    • Real Estate Attorney, Real Estate and Contract matters, Title Insurance, Business Law, Probate, Wills
    • Phone: 561-447-9208 FAX: 561-826-1109
    • Website: www.GinnyGoldman.com
Computer Services
  • Computer Training, Consulting, Service and Repairs - submitted on: February 13, 2010, by Vicki H
    I have a very dear friend who is retired IBM and offers computer services in your home, over the phone or he will pick-up and deliver. He is honest to a fault, completely trustworthy, knowledgeable and fair. He can be reached at 561-945-1079.
Electrical Contractor
  • Our electrician - did a great job for us on several occasions.  Ava and Howard - I posted this in 2007 - not sure if it is most recent location/phone#, but I know he's still in business.
    David Marcus, Master Electrician
    2802 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Lot #353, Oakland Park FL 33311
    (954) 557-1020
    His card says: "No Job Too Small - Interior & Exterior Lighting Specialists - Paddle Fans - Fixtures - Landscape Lighting"
  • I want to recommend Park Avenue Touch - Flowers and More, 1911 South Federal Hwy, Suite 300 in the Tropic Square Mall - 561-278-0803. Manager is Juan Carlos Fernandez.

    I was supposed to arrive here on Monday night following a long trip. Some friends sent me a beautiful arrangement in memory of my father who passed away in 2007. However I was delayed 3 days due to a car accident and instead of arriving Monday I didn't arrive til late Wed. Meanwhile I found a lovely arrangement placed in front of my door, along with a delivery notice to call the florist for delivery. When I questioned why it was delivered despite my not being home and not calling back, the manager said it was expressly the wishes of the sender that the flowers be there for my arrival. So, in reality, he was doing what was asked... but I'd only get to enjoy the flowers for half their life... so the manager offered to deliver another bouquet. I thought that was the right, and professional thing to do and I appreciated it so I let him do it. I also told him he has my business and I'd tell my neighbors about his good product and good business practices. So here I am! Look forward to seeing you around. Ava
  • Ivan Raisen, former Coral Trace resident
    • City Mattress in West Boca Raton
    • Cell: (954) 854-0745
    • Office: (954) 487-1181
    • Please call me for an appointment - we carry most major brands
Handyman/Home Renovations
  • Flores Services - Our Coral Trace maintenance person, Antonio Flores, does private work off-hours.  Handyman, Pressure Washing, Irrigation, Painting, Landscaping and more!  He does excellent work and is reliable.  561-260-8560 or 561-662-1553 or bpmex15@hotmail.com

  • We have a friend who does home renovations. His name is Dennis Crompton and he lives in Boca Raton. He has done 2 projects for us here in our Coral Trace home and he does great work for a very reasonable price. He is honest, and he doesn't mark up the materials - you pay for them at cost, and just pay him by the hour. The first project was tiling the floor in our porch. It looks great and everything matches. Most recent project was painting our hallway and dining area, and installing a chair rail around the room. If you call tell him Ava and Howard sent you!
    Dennis Crompton:
    (561) 393-4685 or email brianbevan@aol.com

  • Posted by Sissy Martini in 2007: I would like to recommend a young handyman who has done a few things at my house this past year... all very high workmanship and quality, and he is honest and hard-working.  He does anything - pressure cleaning, plumbing, electrical, repairs, patio tiling (did mine), and he is licensed. His name is Mark Garramone and his phone # is 561-541-2447.

House Painting
  • Flores Services - Our Coral Trace maintenance person, Antonio Flores, does private work off-hours.  Handyman, Pressure Washing, Irrigation, Painting, Landscaping and more!  He does excellent work and is reliable.  561-260-8560 or 561-662-1553 or bpmex15@hotmail.com
  • For those of you who are interested in getting quotes for painting our homes, I have a great painter and his rates are lower than others. His company is: Mike Vietro Painting, Inc. Phone number: 561-212-6606.  Posted by Marcy Kearns in 2009.
  • D’Amico Custom Painting and Cleaning, 954-782-7158
    • Complete four-plex $2,400 (all four units must be painted at the same time) - Sept 2011
      • Here is a breakdown for the painting the complete 4 plex at the same time ($700 end units and $500 for the middle units)
    • Complete duplex $1,800 (both units must be painted at the same time) - Sept 2011
Hurricane Shutters
  • I highly recommend Ken Miller, The Screen Depot in Boynton Beach, who also built our screened porch.  He has also done work for Eric Motto.  He is reliable, professional, and does a great job.  (561) 734-0167, www.thescreendepot.com  - submitted by Ava Schutzman


  • Charles & Cindy Maurer, 334 East CT Circle; charlesmaurer@allstate.com
    • Phone: 561-278-2555 /FAX: 561-266-8999
    • Allstate Insurance Company, C&C Financial Services Group, 1000 A2 Linton Blvd., Delray Beach FL 33444
  • Submitted by Karen Coakley of CT Place in 2009: My homeowners insurance just went from went from $2305. to $1058! A man named David Bargas inspected my home and filled out a form called the "Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form". He sent the information to my insurance company, St. John's Insurance Company and within a couple of weeks my premium was decreased and I also received a rebate. David Bargas was professional and very accommodating and will be happy to do any inspections. His name is David Bargas, 1-888-715-1114 or 561-699-8193. If anyone would like to speak to me my cell is 561-880-1975.

    David Bargas, President/Senior Inspector
    All Around Inspections, Co., 7700 Congress Avenue Ste. 1103, Boca Raton, FL 33487
    Dave764903@aol.com or 561-699-819
Interior Design
  • Marcy Kearns, South CT Circle, Nationally Certified LMT, Yoga Instructor
    • Phone: 561-271-5355 or marcylynnk@yahoo.com
    • Integrated healing of mind, body & spirit; Swedish & Deep Tissue techniques - performed in the privacy of your home. 
Power Washing
  • Flores Services - Our Coral Trace maintenance person, Antonio Flores, does private work off-hours.  Handyman, Pressure Washing, Irrigation, Painting, Landscaping and more!  He does excellent work and is reliable.  561-260-8560 or 561-662-1553 or bpmex15@hotmail.com
  • D’Amico Custom Painting and Cleaning, 954-782-7158
  • APlus Pressure Cleaning, 561-644-1456  roof, building, driveways and sidewalks.
  • Green Earth Eco-friendly Power Washing—Ken Bolsch --561-573-9092

    Contact all for their best and current pricing.  This info was current as of October 2010.



Posted by Fran Finkelstein in 2007:

  • Dinner - Mama Mia - on Woolbright off of Military - absolutely delicious garlic rolls
  • Way Beyond Bagels - Jog Road south of Linton - delicious lunch
  • Luna Rosa - Atlantic and A1A - fabulous breakfast. You must try the pancakes with Macademia nuts, coconut and pineapple syrup or for lunch try their delicious chicken salad with walnuts and grapes.
  • Sweet Tomatoes - Powerline and Palmetto Park Road - the longest salad bar I have ever seen. Plus they give you soups, pastas and different breads to choose from. Plus they have an ice cream bar that has caramel and hot fudge and all kinds of fixins. Plus it is quite inexpensive.

Posted by Sharon Maglocco in 2007:

  • For a nice and romantic Italian dinner there is a small, quaint place in Boca Raton on Federal Hwy called, "Josephines." Yes there is a bar when you go in but the restaurant is away from that and is a very elegant place to dine. Often on Sunday evening there is a full dinner special which includes everything. We enjoy their chicken marsala as an entree. The pricing is moderate and attire should be appropriate for an elegant dinner out. No suits needed but something other than shorts and no jeans.
  • For a nice Chinese food meal we like the place in the same plaza with Poppies. I am having a blur on the name though. Very good food but it is a little on the expensive side for Chinese food.
  • City Oyster is another place in downtown Delray that we like. We really enjoyed lunch there a couple of months ago. We hear their dinners are wonderful.
  • The best of the best would be at The Tramonti also in downtown Delray. Wow!! What a lunch we had there to celebrate our anniversary! The food is awesome and much more to the authentic side of Italian cuisine. It is expensive there and dinner is super expensive. The outdoor tables are also close to one another so if you have some loud talkers next to you it can be rather bothersome. We loved it though.

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