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Useful Links & Numbers

Police: 243-7888  (Emergency 911)

Fire:    243-7400

City of Delray Beach Information  (561) 243-7000


Florida Power & Light - Palm Beach County:  561-697-8000

Florida Public Utilities 561-832-2461

Delray Beach Utility Billing: 243-7100

Water/Sewer Maintenance: 243-7312

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

Garbage and Recycling:  Click here to see the Brochure with all the info!

Delray Beach Waste Management Liaison - call if they miss your street (561) 243-7219

Solid Waste Authority: (561) 640-4000

County Gov't. Offices:  Palm Beach County 

Drivers License:

Florida Driver License

Palm Beach County:  (561) 681-6333

Get online, not in line! - Use the Express Lane for driver license renewal,

registration renewal and address changes.

Vehicle Registration: Palm Beach County:  561-355-2622

Boat Registration: Palm Beach County:  561-355-2622

Voter Registration: Palm Beach County:  656-6200

Chambers of Commerce:

Palm Beach:  561-833-3711
Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

How can I avoid traffic snarls?
Where can I reach the Florida Public Service Commission?
Where is the Florida Department of Insurance?
How can I find out more about a Florida Corporation?
Where can I read the
Florida Statutes?

2010 FL STATUTES * Click Here for Florida Statutes, Homeowners Associations - Chapter 720
Where can I learn about Parliamentary Procedure?
Where are some good resources for HOAs?

How can I reach the Community Associations Institute?

Am I in a Hurricane Surge Area?  

How can I get re-classified for flood and home insurance purposes?
How do I get
Motor vehicle registration, tags, title services and disability parking permits?


How do I reach the Palm Beach Clerk of the Circuit Court?
Where do I apply for Homestead Exemption?
Can I find out about the Palm Beach County Schools?
How do I contact Florida Emergency Management?

How do I get the
Sheriff's Office? (Call 911 for emergencies)
How do I start/stop the
The Palm Beach Post Newspaper?
How do I start/stop the
Sun-Sentinel Newspaper?

Does the Palm Beach
County fire/rescue have a Web site?
Where can I get
Postage Stamps?
What is the right way to Paint my House?
How can I get free or low-cost Federal Consumer Information?
Is the Occupational Handbook online?
Can I find out how much my
Palm Beach County neighbor's house sold for?
Can I get free advice from a Master Gardener at
How do I get to Palm Beach International Airport?
Are there Sexual Predators in my town or zip code?
How do I
Fix my Plumbing?















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